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How Evrmor Began

My name is Janna Morgan and I, with my support team-husband Curt, live in Aurora, Colorado.  As a former airline employee, and being accustomed to thinking of words in terms of shortcuts, our kennel name, Evrmor, was created....   a combination of "forever" and our last name Morgan. 

It is my hope that our efforts with regard to the breed, and the name Evrmor, will have a lasting legacy.   My adventures started many years ago.

Before purchasing my first Rottweiler, I studied the breed for two years before making my first purchase, my first "girl", Ch Gatstubergetís Elegant Essi UDT in 1974.  I bought her from a lovely lady, Margareta McIntyre, who became my mentor.  She and I conferred many times on the raising of Gance.  Our communications extended far into the future, as well.  A real plus to our many years of breeding and showing Rottweilers has been the lasting friendships and respect we have to so many others striving for the best for the breed.

While conformation is the spotlight of our breeding program, we focus on the balance of beauty with potential.  The Rottweiler is, after all, a Working Breed.  Therefore, over the years, I enjoy training and working the dogs in all manner of "jobs", from therapy to tracking to herding.  To be successful as a working breed, structure - conformation - is imperative.  This is why our Evrmor breeding program maintains its focus on conformation.  With good conformation, the dog has the structure that allows him to work without injury or pain.  We are emphatic that health tests are performed on each dog before he/she produces a litter.  While there is no such dog as a "perfect" dog, we can only strive to produce dogs as close to perfection as is possible.  It is my belief that breeders of ALL breeds should have health tests performed on all of their dogs and furthermore, to share health clearances and/or concerns.  Honesty and integrity in breeding is the true measure of a kennel that produces a breed of dog.  We strive for the best for our breed!

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